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I thought it would be fun to record this blog entry. Click and listen!


Cock Hole Mp3

In this hypnotic LOOP you will be tranced down deeper and deeper, each time you listen, and you will get a burning desire, hunger to suck big hard cocks. In fact your mouth will transform into a cock hole for Mistress Leslie.

This is a loop that should be listened to often if you hope to be a full out fag for Mistress Leslie. Enjoy this first progressive relaxing loop my little fags!

This hypnotic session contains a hot countdown, progressive relaxation in loop form, conditioning, brain washing, and lots of other tricks and goodies, and loops around three times during the recording. It is only intended for men that wish to explore homosexual or bisexual behavior.


Format: MP3

Length: 22.5 minutes

Affects: yes

Overdubbing: yes

Music: none

Price: $25

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Sleepy Place Mp3

If you let yourself go, if you drift off into sleep, that sleepy place. Even if you fall asleep, and you may, your mind will still take in what I am saying… that’s right don’t be surprised in this more then forty minute super relaxing but wickedly controlling session if you find yourself sleeping while my voice washes over your brain.

This super sleepy trance session features strong addictive triggers, conditioning, brain washing, arousal associations, and a orgasm release trigger that will blow your now highly controlled mind. While the style can be so relaxing you may fall asleep it is no less potent for your now manipulated mind. Make sure you have a place that is safe and comfortable to listen to this session, and that you wait a time period after its use to operate a motor vehicle, and for God’s sake do NOT listen if you hope to have a normal dream state in the near future.


Length: 40 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: skillfully used

Music: two versions included for the price of one, one with and one without

Overdubbing vocals: yes

Price: $25

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Boot Bitch MP3

Can you smell my delicious boots? Mmmm, they are dreamy aren’t they? They make your head spin don’t they? 
Look at them. I bet your tongue is watering already.But wouldn’t you know it?
It was raining HARD today and my boots got VERY muddy
And guess what?
You need to clean them now Show me what a pathetic little fucker you are Show me that you are my black leather boots bitch And beg me! Beg me to lick the mud off my boots Beg me to clean every last dirty nook and cranny. Tell me how much you want this right now more than anything 
Such a good boy you are.

This is NOT hypnosis, it is a fantasy fetish audio recording.

fetishes included: Financial domination, Female dominance, shoe and boot worship, humiliation, cock and ball torture, laughing and lots other hot things, in this over ten minute mp3, listen below to the sample and buy today my foot and shoe piggies! or if you just want to make Me happy!

Price: $15.99




new mp3 projects & personal stuff

So I am over here working and playing some. I have my nitelirt phone on, as I often do.
Call Button that is the pesky call button to reach me right now. When I do log in I can get calls through the day and night, but I often get breaks where I can do other work while juggling my life, eating, going out, playing with the adorable pooch, doing goddess forbid some housework, bossing around subs, and interacting with my friends.

So the reality is my life is packed right now, in fact I’m kind of exhausted! I like pushing myself so my spirits are high, and I almost always get nine hours of sleep. Some people need less, maybe I just love my big lovely bed! I just finished my vocals for a new hypnosis mp3, and now its time for sound edits and background music, making a graphic, and publishing it, and yes marketing it… gosh that’s a lot but it will break in the next few days. I have two more projects not recorded yet, one ready to start, might do that today, a fetish audio file, and a super secret amazing hypno session, that needs some text editing before I can record it. I may start working on another project this week also, we will see. I like to multi task as you can see. Why the race to produce so many mp3s so quickly? Well I want to prove my ongoing interest and dedication with my new mp3 venture. So I will be producing and adding tons of stuff over time, but dont wait to buy them as you may miss out on the current lower prices I am starting with.

If you have requests and ideas for future mp3 projects then contact me, and do feel free to give loads of details. Hit me up here, or niteflirt mail, or those who are part of hypnosis community then write me there… I hope everyone is having a great day, and be sure to check out the Grammys tonight for all that fun hypnotic music and images they are sure to be hiding in plain site, see my illuminati post here if you dont know what I mean. hehehe

Hypnotic kisses to all XXX
Mistress Leslie


Intoxication Game & other fun stuff

I have items for purchase on my niteflirt page , but I have not yet had the time to arrange them here on my blog. You can find an intoxication game, slave application, blackmail application, and a saucy financial domination series. In the future I will add items here and create new ones also. I also should write more about my existing items, but I keep getting interrupted with work and life. So check for those goodies HERE and look for new ones soon!

Here is an image of some random bottles of booze. Would you like to get blotto for me? Perhaps intoxication mixed with hypnosis is for you. Maybe one night when you are feeling extra naughty you will call me on nightflirt and be my drunken little puppet!

feeling a bit drunky drunk already my little boozey monkey?!
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What kind of Mistress am I?

A fun-bossy-scary-diverse-smart-sexy-hypnotic-powerful- Mistress, yes that sums it up…

So what is there to say about erotic domination? Well of course a lot. I dominate via niteflirt phone calls, with written tasks, games, pay to view mailings, mp3s, and on a very rare occasion over chat. I am not currently doing live sessions, but have in the past. I currently am doing payment processes through niteflirt but there is nothing stopping you from using my wishlist as a way to simply gift Me.

Some of my most requested fetishes are as follows, erotic hypnosis, forced intoxication, sissy training, forced bi, financial domination, foot fetish, bondage, blackmail, cuckolding, bbc worship, breast worship, racial humiliation, tease and denial, guided masturbation, and gf experience. I enjoy new fetishes Ive not worked with, and don’t usually have an agenda to push a submissive a place hes not looking to go. I think that is what makes me a little unique, a custom approach to domination and hypnosis. I want to push your buttons, as long as they match up with mine.

Things I do not do, well I don’t dominate other women. I am attracted to them, in fact I think of myself as bisexual or pansexual. I just do not dig making women feel submissive. I do not enjoy overly intense instructed pain sessions, forced rape, age play, incest of any kind, and I am sure lots of other icky things!

I do like unusual fem fetale sessions, where I get to be creatively wicked, and even deathly dangerous. I love long silly playful phone calls at times. I don’t mind just talking and flirting over nightflirt, in fact it is my very favorite type of call next to a call where the guy wants to shop for me on amazon while we speak. I am not crazy after all! What woman doesnt enjoy gifts or giant tributes?!

I am darn sure I will be going into fetishes more, and talking about my phone sessions over time but I wanted to express my love of pure domination here… my style you might ask? well it is often of a stern mother type, or a very strict school teacher, but I am not a one trick pony and have known to become a brat princess, and even a loving playful but wicked girl next door.

Now you know a bit about my fetish style and work, why not call and tell Me about yours!
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Your Teenie Weenie MP3

Oh you have such a little wee wee! This is a non hypnosis mp3 session. For those guys into small penis humiliation. It is very wicked, and playful. I do lots of laughing at your little teeny tiny weenie! Enjoy the ride little dick boys!

Format: MP3 download

Length: 7 minutes

FETISH: (not hypnosis) small penis humiliation

Price: $13.99



Cotton Candy Brain MP3

I know you see yourself as an intellectual, but sometimes it’s nice to give that all up. Here is your chance to let go, be silly, and down right stupid for Mistress Leslie. I will dumb you down to the point you will be spoon fed an ability to cum very hard for me. This hypnosis session while remaining deep and traditional is also playfully humiliating, creative, and will scramble your pink cotton candy brain… mmmmm cotton candy is just so yummy!

This session features conditioning, intelligence draining, confusion induction, and an orgasm release trigger.

SAMPLE http://www.eroticdeeptrance.com/store/dumbsamp.mp3

Format: MP3 download

Vocal Effects: very subtle

Prop Effects: no


Background Music: yes music, and a version with no music included


Overdubbing Vocals: yes,

Length: 23 minutes

Price: $25


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Go Deeper MP3

I bet you would love to go deeper for Mistress Leslie, well now you can in this my first ever recorded hypnosis mp3. This is a delicious session that will appeal to submissive males who love a strong erotic Mistress. My sweet soft silky voice lulling you so deep it might just be hard for you to ever come back. There are triggers implanted into your mind, and programming that will help you to associate arousal with obedience and to go to your very deepest place. This is a high quality recording I know you will enjoy as you sink into the most amazing trance.  The session includes a serious intense induction, deepener, triggers, conditioning, and is intended for a male listener.


Format: MP3 download

Vocal Effects: very subtle

Prop Effects: no

Background Music: 2 versions, one with and one version without

Overdubbing Vocals: yes, light

Length: 32 minutes

Price: $25

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just too funny

I found hypno kitty online and had to share it… something about it was so amusing to me. What do you think? It reminded me of Miley doing that song on some awards program with a hypnotic cat in the background. Lets face it MTV and the music industry has been using hypnosis techniques for a long time now. Someone out there is already trying to program you, wouldn’t it be safer and more fun to allow me to give your mind a good go around? hehehehe meow for me kitten! my sex kitten!



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I am often asked if there is something that would make me happy or please me. It is simple really, buy me something from my amazon wish list, or go to my niteflirt page and hit a tribute button. What sort of woman would I be if I didn’t take pleasure in gifts and being spoiled?! On the list you will find all sorts of fun things to spoil me with, and the price range is super affordable to over the top.  I love love love presents, so make me happy and pop over to MY AMAZON WISH LIST and make me all happy!

If you have not paid me proper tribute it is time to do so… Thank you my sweet little pet!



Niteflirt live calls

I have been doing adult phone work for many years. I seemed to slide into dominate calls , as that was the direction my real life took. I am a professional dominatrix, hypnotist, and lifestyle Mistress. I love doing many types of live calls on niteflirt, such as bdsm, hypnosis, and just being good company. While many of my niteflirt calls are hypnotic in nature, others maybe about other subjects  like humiliation, financial domination, feminization, forced intoxication, cuckolding, and just about any fetish you can imagine. The one thing that is consistent is that I always remain dominant, and I never pretend to be masturbating. I just don’t dig fake traditional phone sex, and I will never play a mindless sex starved bimbo slut to earn a buck. I think submissive men are amazing, and I enjoy them in real life as well. I love doing live calls, to hear the excitement in my subs voice as hes pleading, or to hear a man speak during a hypnotic trance with a mindless voice.

The next time you are in the mood for live interaction with a Mistress pick up the phone and call Me, Mistress Leslie on niteflirt!

Check out my nightflirt call page by clicking this link.

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