At HER Mercy (hypnosis & mind control mp3)

Seduction is so easy for HER, she walks past you and you are caught, at her mercy. She seems to know how to invade your mind, completely control your body, and put you into a state of pure hypnotic trance.

In this trance you will find yourself caught by her, Mistress Leslie’s luscious femininity and feel completely at her mercy. In this mind blowing deep hypnotic mind control session, you will find yourself unable to move, and caught up in the purpose of the session, which is to find yourself under her power, and she will bring you to the brink of pleasure and allow you sweet release, but also leave you longing to be under her seductive persuasion again and again.

In this hypnotic trance session I use deep low frequency delta waves, dropping you into a very deep trance. I use light pleasing music, soft over dubbing, a countdown, suggestions, triggers, layers of subliminals, over dubbling, all kinds of traditional hypnosis techniques and mind control elements to lead you into the deepest erotic trance, with an emphasis on a heavy body feeling, rending you at My mercy. Enjoy this obedient pleasure trip of great seduction from HER Mistress Leslie.


Length: 27 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes but pleasing and relaxing

Music: light, also low frequency delta brain waves

Overdubbing vocals: yes

Price: $25

One thought on “At HER Mercy (hypnosis & mind control mp3)

  1. This recording put me down so deep very quickly and easily. i was totally motionless until Mistress Leslie gave Her permission to move 1 hand.

    This will make You want to listen to this Goddess over and over again.

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