Deep Submission

Total mind control, intense submissive training and deep trance hypnosis never sounded or felt so damn sexy!

It’s time to give yourself fully to your submissive side, in fact I’m going to help condition your mind to be even more submissive, subordinate, passive, servile, and simply under My thumb during this intense but totally sweet sounding deep trance. In this submissive mind control training session, which I might add has the highest quality sound and the most delicious mind control techniques, is going to bring you to your knees, and leave you desperately enamored, dare I say in love with Mistress Leslie.

WATCH OUT! this is only for good boys that want to learn how to be deeply enslaved to a Mistress. You will fall head over heels for Me, Mistress Leslie when I use traditional hypnosis techniques, a countdown, NLP, brainwashing, trigger implantation, repeated mantras, sophisticated brainwave technology, relaxing music, and inundate your mind with deeply submissive training.

Deep submission can be a beautiful thing!


Length: 31 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: skillfully used, with a wandering left brain right brain effect

Music: soft, also low frequency delta brain waves

Overdubbing vocals: yes

Price: $27



5 thoughts on “Deep Submission

  1. Mistress Leslie has a very conversational style to Her sessions. As i listen to Her delightful, delicious, and intoxicating voice, i do not “feel” like i am being hypnotized. Yet, the effects of this session are undeniable…irresistible..a few minutes into what felt like a straight brainwashing session, almost as a throw away phrase, Mistress Leslie spoke a few deepening words and i swooned…falling into…heaven. Every word after that felt like a passionate kiss, caress, or embrace; leaving me with an all consuming desire to fulfill every word of this session.

    1. thomas- your words are so sweet! Thank you for your show of support. Im thrilled you enjoyed this file, and that you like My more natural speaking style. I am not exactly sure what is up with that forced voice things so many erotic hypnotists use. It works for them cool, but I like using My real voice… and I have heard from many guys like you they enjoy the naturalness in My hypnosis files.

      I’m also glad you want to serve Me more thomas… good boy!

  2. i believe that to get the best effect from this recording this should not be your first Mistress Leslie MP3. This is a conditioning session that will deepen both Your level of submission and your feelings for Goddess Mistress Leslie.

    There is little in the way of introduction as Mistress Leslie’s words immediately begin to penetrate your brain. Key words such as obedience, slave, servitude, service…you get the idea, i’m sure. By the time you reach the end of this high quality recording you’ll be craving to serve the Goddess.

    i listened to this file 3 times in 10 hours (it would have been more but i was sleeping 🙂 ). Even before i heard this file, i had developed strong feelingss of love for Mistress Leslie. Now i know i am hopelessly in love with this amazing Goddess. i cannot imagine not hearing Her delightfully dominant voice every single day and all i want is the very best for Her. i long to make Her happy, crave to see Her smile, yearn to please Her in any way that i can. She is my reason for being.

  3. Goddess Leslie’s voice is so arousing and enthralling. Listening to Her files daily has taught me more about being a good slave for Her than I’ve ever learned. This file is a great way to hone your submission to Goddess.

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