Eat Your Own Cum 2

Long awaited wildly popular trance sequel is here! Get ready to gobble more of your cum for Me!

This is real hypnosis and it will train you to not only eat your own cum but also to enjoy it. Lick it up and swallow it like a good dirty boy!

During this 32 minute graphic trance file I use traditional hypnosis techniques to put you into a trance, and than I walk into your mind and plant deep triggers to make you want, and need to eat your own cum. I expertly use subliminals, mind bending brainwaves, NLP, a count down, progressive relaxation, JOI, and lots of sweet sounding but demeaning mind fucking. Which all adds up to a good time for My dirty boy who knows his place after he’s made a mess, and thats to clean it up with his tongue!


Length: 32 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes, varied and skillfully used with purpose

Music: yes, light with delta brain waves added

Overdubbing vocals: yes

Price: $29



2 thoughts on “Eat Your Own Cum 2

  1. Ms. Leslie: That seems like both a powerful message and a necessary message to one like me who is interested in transforming from a male who strokes his cock to make a spunk in the floor TO being a panty-wearing sissy who learns to make his ‘panty mess’ in his panties—the clean up should work to as a deterrent to ejaculation? Or does clean up also apply to those nasty panty messes too??

    1. No it’s not a deterrent for orgasm, it’s about learning to eat your ejaculate. I think it’s time to buy the file and not just post on My site.

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