Female Supremacy Mp3

You are now invited to join this new utopian world. As you learn more about it you will find yourself being reprogrammed to join the ranks of other men. That’s right this is a female run society. The women in your life decided it was time you were reprogrammed, that it was time to join. All men will be invited over time, every last one of you. Your invitation and training starts today. How is that done you ask? Well in many ways, one way is through deep relaxation, so that your mind is then ready for its reprogramming, how do you get to that state? Well I take care of all that for you, no worries! Some will be classic hypnotic techniques, and other things like a soft vapor filtered into a tightly packed space, and then your reprogramming starts.

Your reprogramming is deep, it takes about 38 minutes, and it has long lasting results, but programming can be boosted by repeating often. Techniques used are hypnosis induction, relaxation imagery, brain washing, sensory over load, and sexual reprogramming. You will experience deep relaxation, arousal triggers, post hypnotic suggestion, and a sexual release command. Enjoy and welcome to the new world! WHERE WOMEN RULE, and men know their place.


Length: 38 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: skillfully used, and light

Music: yes soft

Overdubbing vocals: yes

Price: $29


5 thoughts on “Female Supremacy Mp3

  1. Hey I was wondering if you could make a 2 hour or even 4 to 10 hour Female Supremacy mp3 or even video file consisting of occult ritual coven femdom sex woman-on-top reverse gang bang to completely emasculate and brainwash the boys? I am third generation Female Supremacist after ass raping and riding the boy he usually falls asleep for hours so I want a file to play when I slip on the earphones but it has to be a realistic lucid dream like file he thinks he actually was raped at reverse gang bang orgy. I prefer full sex cowgirl in all positions since the female body is more than enough to fuck a man’s brains out FUCKED TO SUBMISSION!

  2. such a long file has a limited interest, as does the theme… if it were a custom situation it cost thousand dollars or more for a long mp3, it takes writing, recording, and editing to produce such an item. If you have interest then you can ask Me to email you, but it would have to be prepaid.

    1. What about a 2 Hour file Then? I believe all womankind would benefit from and intense file like that. Yes you may e-mail me and I am happy to promote your business to all other Female Supremacists I know.
      Do you believe in lifestyle Female Supremacy?

      1. jenny- I can not make a two hour mp3 unless it is a custom item, as most of my customers want shorter trances then that. I have to go with items that will sell when I produce them for the masses… a custom is for those that want something outside the norm. I posted this to you already. Two hour files are not typical or wanted by most so I dont and wont make them unless its a custom job.

  3. While the prospects for a true Matriarchy may be slim on planet Earth, it is reality within the realm of Mistress Leslie

    The listener presents himself to Mistress Leslie for ‘help’ but he has been tricked and finds he is placed in a deep trance and transported to a world where he must follow his Mistresss and always serve Her to the best of his ability. In this realm there are even separate Hers and his elevators!

    This fantastic recording will deepen your desire to please the wonderful Goddess Mistreess Leslie and will leave you in no doubt tthat She own you completely and holds the power of pleasure over you.

    The climactic ending will come as no surprise (puns intended!) to regular Mistress Leslie devotees.

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