Hypnotic Deity

When I speak to you and only you, you hear something so heavenly that you are willing to bend the knee for Me, the Devine Mistress Leslie. Willing to pledge yourself to Me, because with obedience there is pleasure, there is purpose. I know you have been craving that powerful Goddess, Deity to fully give your mind and body too. It’s here, and you will happily and with reverence give yourself over and over to Me, and I will grant you peace, emptiness, and pure bliss each time you listen to My voice. If this sounds like the soft song of your slavish hypnotized soul it is.

This intense hypnotic trance features classic hypnosis techniques such as NLP, trigger words, covert conditioning, love addiction, arousal triggers, sub training, repetition, mantras, Goddess Worship, and real brainwashing/mind control techniques like overdubbing, subliminals, mind conditioning, deep post hypnotic suggestions and triggers, delta brain waves, and so much more.

**This is a Mistress Leslie fan most have and hear trance session.**
Length: 30 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes, beautifully and skillfully used with purpose,

Music: light music & highly effective delta brain waves added

Overdubbing vocals: yes, it will melt your mind, but not distract from the main vocal track

Price: $29


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