Puppet for Mistress

Pulling your strings, making you My helpless puppet, and my powerless little plaything.

In this deeply seductive and intense trance session, you will find more then your body played with. I control your mind, just one tug of the strings and I make you dance for Me. It’s amusing to make you dance, crawl, for Me, but even more amusing to play and manipulate your puppety mind. Careful what you wish for. I know you have always wanted to be a Mistress’s plaything, and during this trance you will find out what that feels like.

I use traditional hypnosis in this session, mind control, triggers, post hypnotic suggestions, mantras, a count down, body relaxation, theta waves, subliminals, wandering over dubbing, calming light music, orgasm trigger, conditioning, and just my wicked mind to play with you hard! You will be begging in the end to be My personal plaything, and puppet all the time.


Length: 31 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: skillfully used, with a wandering left brain right brain effect

Music: soft, also low frequency delta brain waves

Overdubbing vocals: yes

Price: $28


One thought on “Puppet for Mistress

  1. In this trance, divine Mistress Leslie brings all Her amazing talent out to make you Her puppet.

    Once She started to relax me and take me down so very deep I was just not capable of moving any part of my body. Until that is She decided otherwise. During this recording, I am left in no doubt whatsoever about the power of Mistress Leslie and Her complete control over my mind and my body.

    This trance is very seductive and once She has proved the level of Her powerful control, it becomes very intense as She manipulates my mind and body at Her whim. I truly felt like Her puppet, Her plaything & toy and left with an even deeper desire to please Her.

    Mistress Leslie’s shows all Her incredible abilities in this file and displays what a wonderfully wicked mind She has. Once She tugs my strings in this file, I know there is no choice involved – I do exactly as She wants…Her helpless, mindless puppet.

    I have a large collection of Goddess Mistress Leslie files and this one is becoming one of my favorites.

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