Safe??? Trance

You’re safe with me, safe to lower your guard and open your mind… you’re safe letting me inside your mind. I won’t take advantage of how open your mind is to my control… how I could change anything about you that I wanted to, but I would never manipulate you, I would never take advantage of you while in trance… I would never dream of brainwashing you and implanting a deep trigger word that only works when I use it.. you are safe with Me, Mistress Leslie hahahahaha

During this intense mind control/brainwashing session I drop you into a trance, and hold you there until I’ve opened up your mind and done exactly as I want to. I use classic hypnosis techniques with a conversational style, with lots of confusion tossed in, progressive relaxation, NLP, previous triggers, ASMR, and your own arousal to drop you so deep that the mind control elements such as highly effective brainwaves, major confusion subliminal messaging, and many other secret tricks to slide right into your weak helpless mind and effect real change. No worries though, you will soon forget much of what I’ve done but not the feeling you had, and not the implanted trigger word I can use at any point to make you My mental slave at any time. Don’t worry you are safe with Me… after all I would never take advantage of you while you were in trance for Me… hahahahaha SAFE… yes safe…

Length: 35 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes, very light and skillfully used with purpose,

Music: light soundscape & highly effective delta brain waves

Overdubbing vocals: yes, it will melt your mind, but not distract from the main vocal track

Price: $29


2 thoughts on “Safe??? Trance

  1. She is so powerful, perfect and deserving. i do not remeber most of what happened during this session, but it does not matter because there is no one i trust as mich as Her. i wiuld tell her anything. if i can only please Her i will be happy.

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