Scrambled Brains

This is what your brain looks like when Mistress Leslie fries it up and scrambles it for breakfast! hahaha I have so much fun playing hypnotically with your brain! It’s time to slip on your headphones and get ready for Me to make you totally stupid and scrambled My little submissive mind puppet. I leave you so aroused and stuck going deeper and deeper each moment, and making you dumber and dumber for My own amusement. You might just have a hard time coming out of this with all your brains, for sure you will come out hard though.

This trance has all the bells and whistles you would expect from one of My erotic mind control hypnosis files.This intense mind control hypnosis trance is very intense and it uses traditional hypnosis techniques like NLP, breathing, guided imagery, and a confusion induction to drop you like a rock, and super intense brainwashing elements, subliminal messages, over dubbing, delta brain waves, JOI. arousal triggers, ASMR, whispers, intelligence draining, total confusion, post hypnotic triggers and so much more. Along the way you will feel aroused, be deeply transformed and trained using triggers, and hidden nuggets of mind control. It creates a deep addiction through mental arousal to Me, My trance files, and My Domination. Be prepared to want more and more…


Length: 34 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes, lots skillfully used with purpose,

Music: no but lightly audible but highly effective delta brain waves added

Overdubbing vocals: yes, many voice tracks and over dubbing to totally confuse and blow your mind!

Price: $29


10 thoughts on “Scrambled Brains

  1. Perhaps the most powerful hypnotic journey I have ever experienced. Mistress Leslie masterfully warvea a spell that will take you deeper into the mindless darkness than you have ever gone until you have lost your name and every thought and are revealed for what you truly are: her mindless, horny puppet. This is only half the journey however. As you emerge you disacover she has left a cold and empty place in your sould, an aching void that can only be filled by her voice and warmed under the glow of her complete control and dominance. You will crave to fill this void again and gain by listening to her voice and submitting to her control, and each time you return the craving only becomes stronger! If like me this is your deepest desire, this powerful recoding is true perfection, but be prepared to lose a part of yourself.

      1. have listened to this many times and juat becomes more incredible and powerful each time. i dream only of her voice and control. I dream and imagine what it would be like to have a phone seasion with her where she could push my desparation and mindlessneas one hundredfold. Truly an amazing and aupremely powerful Goddess!!

  2. Just purcxhased this file last night along with Mistress Leslie’s newest loop file and let me say it is difficult to describe the euphoria and depth of trance I discovered! This file particularly has the perfect name, ‘Scrambled Eggs’ for it truly felt like my brain was no longer under my control, and it was being blissfully fried and remade!
    I seem to have an analytical mind that wanders a bit so this confusion style induction with several layers of Her sweet, powerful voice, truly overwhelmed my mind and I found my mind was glued to only Her voice, unable to wander, like my mind was paralyzed! I ached so badly for Her words and teachings to file me!
    My favorite part was Mistresses count ups and downs back into deeper trance which seemed to happen so many times and I was so surprised that, like NEVER before, I found that my mind and body were following Her taking me out of trrance to just put me deeper. Usually I had always had to force that part, showing that I was always in great control, but not with Mistress Leslie! My mind followed Her commands without even trying!
    Today I find myself horny and aching to hear more of Mistress Leslie’s voice and trance! Going to buy a couple more files, hopefully like this one;so many to choose from!

    1. great review! I love what you said… make sure you are giving it a thumbs up on Niteflirt also, and a few good words also. In any case do try none loop files also, and additionally choose styles of hypnosis inductions and even subjects you don’t expect to work on you because I bet they do. Now this isn’t to say Im suggesting you add fetish files of Mine that don’t fit into your own sexuality. Im saying expand past what you think might work on you… great hypnosis works on everyone good boy, at least for Me.

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