I want you to feel it now, the warmth and excitement that changing for me, and being changed by me gives you. You’ve come so far already, moving from thought to thought, being tricked and teased and twisted around, you’ve been manipulated into feeling this way, and the pleasure you feel is proof of the changes I’ve made in your mind and your life.

My words will float literally so deeply into your mind you won’t ever escape them, why would you want to when they feel so good? During this hypnotic mind control session I take you to the deepest place, your core using traditional hypnosis techniques, and covert and intense brainwashing elements. I implant post hypnotic triggers, cause arousal, and effect long lasting change, but you likely will remember to forget why its so natural to want to serve and obey Me. Good boy… always My good boy…


Length: 33 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes, beautifully and skillfully used with purpose,

Music: very light soundscape & highly effective delta brain waves

Overdubbing vocals: yes, 2 layers to melt your mind, but not distracting from the main vocal track

Price: $29


Thought Reform Series 3 Subconscious Surrender

Your mind is conditioned to drop instantly into trance & your body is subconsciously controlled as if its your own muscle memory, but its nothing to do with you anymore. I now am deeply set in your mind, controlling it. Today I make use of that control and flex My will even more. I want you to feel deep submission like you never have in your life and this will also be deeply arousing. This is the third installment of this series and takes you to new heights of mind control, where you learn how powerless your body is to even move, and I don’t release it without a verbal surrender of your total will to Me, resistance is totally out of the question.

Mind control- meaning- (also known as brainwashing, reeducation, brainsweeping, coercive persuasion, thought control, or thought reform) is a theory that contends that it is possible to indoctrinate subjects in a way which results in “an impairment of autonomy, and an inability to think independently.

In this 3rd trance session in a series I use traditional hypnosis techniques like progressive relaxation, NLP, countdowns, Ericksonian, and skillfully use brainwashing techniques such as subliminal messaging proven to be effective, silent built in brainwaves, right and left ear responsiveness, and lots of other covert methods. I use the trigger phrases, arousal commands, finger snaps, a count down, ASMR whisper track,and make you repeat a kind of mantra of surrender to unlock your ability to move or go forward. Lets face it I’m just not done with your mind and body, and I never will be!


Length: 31 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: layered voice tracks, with left and right ear separations

Music: yes light with brainwaves added

Overdubbing vocals: yes, many layers of highly effective subliminal programming

Price: $29