Big Silly Dummy Mp3 Set

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Cotton Candy Brain

I know you see yourself as an intellectual, but sometimes it’s nice to give that all up. Here is your chance to let go, be silly, and down right stupid for Mistress Leslie. I will dumb you down to the point you will be spoon fed an ability to cum very hard for me. This hypnosis session while remaining deep and traditional is also playfully humiliating, creative, and will scramble your pink cotton candy brain… mmmmm cotton candy is just so yummy!

This session features conditioning, intelligence draining, confusion induction, and an orgasm release trigger.


Format: MP3 download

Vocal Effects: very subtle

Prop Effects: no

Background Music: yes music, and a version with no music included

Overdubbing Vocals: yes,

Length: 23 minutes

Stupid Zombie

Lets face it, you know you want to be hypnotized and made to feel like a silly, stupid, zombie… to be mindless, powerless, and to serve a strong, beautiful, woman like myself. Now is your chance, in this playfully humiliating hypnotic trance session. You will find yourself going very deep, and you will find yourself feeling completely like a dumb zombie who needs to be told what to think and do… no worries there. I got that covered! I will and do take charge of your now empty head, and fill it up with all the things you now need to be mindful of. Don’t be surprised if you find it arousing, and if you find yourself not fully snapping right back to your normal self afterwards… you might find yourself coming back more slowly after serving as my personal zombie…

In this session I use traditional hypnosis techniques, and promise not just a deep trance but also will have your IQ dropping down to a mindless idiot during the session! Have a safe place to enjoy this, as you are certain to become dumb as a rock!


Length: 33 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: skillfully used

Music: yes soft, but a vocal only version is included also!

Overdubbing vocals: yes