Sex Magic Trance

Some people believe that hypnosis works like magic but I believe magic combined with hypnosis is the most powerful kind of spell a man’s mind can fall under. I love casting a spell that traps My prey’s body, mind, and very soul. Sex magic is some of the most powerful kinds of magic, hypnosis is how I get you to join in the ritual that will excite you, fill you will lust, love, and drop you into a dead into a deep trance state. before you wake I will own all of you, including your hard cock.

This deep mystical trance features- NLP, real hypnosis, real spell casting, mantras, brainwave technology, mind control/brainwashing elements, over dubbing, subliminal messages, occult, Wicca, arousal triggers, post hypnotic triggers, love and addiction, and a laid out plan to get you to freely consent to My magical Domination.

Length: 33 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes, beautifully and skillfully used with purpose,

Music: light music & highly effective delta brain waves added

Overdubbing vocals: yes to drive you deeper, and render you powerless

Price: $29<img


Spellbound Mp3 Addictive Worship Hypno Spell

You visit Me at my cottage in the woods… one look in my blue eyes and you are caught up… caught in my spell. I take you deeply into trance using my seductive words, and my clever witchy mind. Before you realize what has happened to you, you are pledging to Me your love, and your life, your everything. No worries, its always lovely to serve the true Goddess. As I cast a real spell over you, one you wont soon forget… and a trance you might not remember but you also will never forget… how is this possible you might ask yourself? How have you been so fully enchanted so deeply by this smooth tongued witch… maybe it was her eyes… maybe it was the way she made your entire body relax so deeply… or maybe it was those strange words she spoke softly into my ear… all you know in the end is that there is no end to what you will now do for her… the Goddess… your Goddess Mistress Leslie

Beware this is another highly addictive hypnosis session, full of deep hypnosis techniques, brain washing, count downs, body relaxation, and mind bending spell casting… it is not for the weak or faint at heart, in the end you may find out who you belong to! A long and lush, bewitching, hypnotic love spell session.


Format: MP3 format

Effects:skillfully used, with clear purpose

Music: Erie soft, magical, backgound, the wind and magic all around you

Overdubbing: light

Time:33 minutes

Price: $25