Total Mind Control – Extreme Brainwashing

Are you up for a deep intense mind altering BRAINWASHING session? It is time now… prepare yourself for a mind blowing experience that will rewire the way you think. During this intense hypnotic mind control session I use classic hypnosis techniques but the emphasis is on brainwashing elements. The session has three layers of voice tracks, brainwaves, post hypnotic triggers, and suggestions, and will remake you into the kind of subject Im seeking. When you listen your brain will spin and take in things on a sub conscience it can’t grasp or keep up with on a conscience level. Be aware that repeat listening will cause deep and significant changes in your mind and actions. Are you ready for the most intense brainwashing of your life?


Length: 30 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes, beautifully and skillfully used to take full control of your mind

Music: yes light with powerful powerful delta brain waves added

Overdubbing vocals: yes, three layers of voice tracks for total confusion and full throttle brain washing

Price: $29


4 thoughts on “Total Mind Control – Extreme Brainwashing

  1. Thank you MISTRESS LESLIE for this wonderdul session. i see now that i have been trying to exploit HER to indulge my own selfish male desires. SHE has reprogrammed me, eliminating all desire and thought but to serve HER. my life is worthless now without HER. SHE owns my cock, and i live in virtual chastity and cannot cum without her permission. SHE saw that to be a good slave, i needed to be dumbed down in trance. i
    am so greatful that SHE has the patience to make
    me a better slave.

  2. thank you, MISTRESS LESLIE. i cannot tell YOU how much even the smallest praise from YOU means to me now. i want to be Your good, obedient, chaste little slave. without Youi i am worthless.

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