Ultimate Brainwash

Ready for a super intense BRAINWASHING? What about one so intense I can only suggest it for those that have listened to some of My other brainwashing sessions and are ready to multiply it by many times over? This is not for the new or weak of heart and you may not even ready for the full 35 minutes of total confusion, intense brainwaves, and subliminal mind fucking this session offers. Do not listen to this unless you are in a healthy state of mind or body, and don’t over do it, or your brains may all right out of your head.

This is a pure brainwashing session and its real, it should be listened to with headphones and an open mind. It will take hold of your mind, tease you, implant triggers, make you literally stupid for Me, train you to be the sort of slave I enjoy, create arousal, and cause you to keep coming back to Me for more, but you will likely not even know what the hell you just listened to. This has tons of tricks, many voice tracks, brainwaves, and is not for the in experienced. You have been warned!

Length: 35 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes, mind altering and mind blowing levels

Music: yes light with very powerful powerful brain waves added

Overdubbing vocals: yes, many layers of voice tracks for total confusion and extreme brain washing

Price: $29


5 thoughts on “Ultimate Brainwash

  1. mindblowing brainwash file. Her powerful messages completely overwhelm and stupefying your mind. Must serve and please my mistress, Goddess Leslie!

  2. Mistress does not exaggerate, this is truly the Ultimate Brainwash. There are many tracks in this session and it’s easy to get lost in her wonderful voice. I don’t remember much but this left me aching to serve and please Mistress Leslie.

    1. glad you enjoyed it! leave feedback on niteflirt also ingmar… like a good little sub for Mistress

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