Weak Male Hypnosis

You are male, which means you are weak. I am a dominant female which means I’m in control. At least that’s how its going to be after this deep intense hypnosis trance where you need not worry your silly little man brain because I am going to take care of everything. Help you see your true place, think for you, because your cock seems to make you a big dumb dumb as soon as I start talking.

Lay back, listen, relax your silly man brain while I do multiple count downs that lead you deeper and deeper under My control. No worries stupid, it feels so good to be under My power, in fact I implant triggers that make you come crawling back to Me over and over with your hard cock in hand, and your poor brain in a stupor. This lush trance will make you aroused, trained, compliant, horny, tricked, by using classic creative real hypnosis techniques, and JOI, triggers, post hypnotic suggestions and training, orgasm trigger, subliminal messages, playful humiliation, mind control brainwaves added, and lots of other mind melting fun and games for a weak little man like you… well weak for Me, Mistress Leslie in any case. Enjoy and let the fun begin!

Length: 29 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes, beautifully and skillfully used with purpose,

Music: light soundscape & with highly effective delta brain waves

Overdubbing vocals: yes, soft, it will melt your mind, but not distract from the main vocal track

Price: $29


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