Blank Mind for Mistress Leslie

Deep mindless trance is pure bliss. Lets face it you think too much, its time to empty your mind, to quiet your thoughts.

In this deep empty headed, blissful trance, I use NLP, a unique mind over stimulating scientific confusion induction, a classic countdown, brainwave technology, and other mind control techniques to get you into a very blank state. Once in that blank state I use your mind as My personal playground, and capture ownership of that blank mind, and over you. Enjoy at your own risk pets, but oh how blissful it is to be under My hypnotic control!


Length: 24 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: no

Music: soft, also low frequency delta brain waves

Overdubbing vocals: no

Price: $28



2 thoughts on “Blank Mind for Mistress Leslie

  1. It is getting to the point now where I am almost out of superlatives for Mistress Leslie’s trances. This was simply amazing, stunning and so very effective.

    This file brought me down so very deep for Mistress Leslie, to the point of being entirely numb in much of my body – not to mention my mind. Oh, did I say my mind? I mis-spoke – it is undoubtedly Mistress Leslie’s mind now!

    The induction was remarkably confusing and very effective on me. At some point which I cannot describe or define, I was deeply in trance and so very blank. Yes blank and empty headed for my Goddess, Mistress Leslie. Her very sexy voice using my mind however She desired.

    Eventually, Mistress Leslie brought me up again, but this trance left me very dazed and really unable to move around again for some time. On my second hearing I tried to get up too soon, and I felt very disoriented.

    This is an effective, very powerful file that leaves me dazed, a little confused about what just happened and makes me want to listen to it again and again to enjoy the blissful feeling of being under Mistress Leslie’s control.

  2. i am going deeper and deeper into Goddess Leslie’s control and possession. This file is incredible and has left me blank. Goddess Leslie owns me and i am forever Her it.

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