Hypnotic Enchantment

Your mind is jelly and it’s impossible to resist her enchanting voice. Down Down Down you sink…

You slip under her hypnotic spell the moment you hear her voice… and you never seem to recover… you only go deeper. It is impossible to not feel drawn in, enchanted, and bewitched by Goddess Mistress Leslie, when she cast her hypnotic spell on your heart, your very soul, especially when she takes you to the forest, seated in front of a fire, with a circle drawn out around you… utterly powerless and utterly Hers.

During this deep trance session I use classic hypnosis techniques, NLP, a super creative countdown, progressive relaxation, occult elements, arousal triggers, subliminal messages, and many other covert mind tricks to cast the most amazing enchantment over you. Be aware repeat listening will cause you to fall in love with Mistress Leslie!


Length: 30 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes, beautifully and skillfully used with purpose,

Music: yes light & soft

Overdubbing vocals: yes

Price: $29



3 thoughts on “Hypnotic Enchantment

  1. An incredible, beautiful trance from the incomparable Mistress Leslie!

    Right from the start, Her amazingly beautiful sexy voice makes me just want to listen to Her forever. Her voice is so sweet, sounds so soothing….it’s like sugar covered in honey. It’s irresistibly lovely and it’s natural to just close my eyes and let Her words sink into me. Mistress Leslie’s uses Her amazing creativity to relax me completely and deep trance is the only place I can go.

    This is the kind of trance that I just want to continue forever. It’s just so wonderful…..if anyone was watching me listening to this they would probably wonder what I am smiling at  Falling deeper and deeper under the spell of Mistress Leslie is happy, lovely experience. Nothing feels better than feeling Her take full control of me, Her weak, adoring, aroused boy. Yes, aroused 😉

    With this file, She deepens Her spell on me…..She has my mind, my body, my heart and my soul….i am totally Her’s and it feels wonderful.

    I love this trance file and I love my Goddess Mistress Leslie ♥

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