Lab Rat Mind Control

Volunteers wanted for hypnotic suggestibility testing, and mind control experimentation.

WARNING- all participants proceed at their own risk. I Mistress Leslie do not take responsibility for any new submissive tendencies towards Myself, or addiction to hypnosis and mind control. During this test participants who are found adequatly suggestible will be taken into deep trance, and their minds will be implanted with new more useful thoughts.


Length: 30 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes, beautifully and skillfully used with purpose,

Music: No, but powerful powerful delta brain waves added

Overdubbing vocals: yes

Price: $29


4 thoughts on “Lab Rat Mind Control

  1. If you have ever wanted to be tested to see just how suggestible you are, this file from the divine Mistress Leslie is the one for you!

    The incredibly lovely voice of Mistress Leslie soon had my eyes closed and slipping down into a deep trance. One of those awesome trances where even the slightest body movement seems just like too much effort. It’s so much easier to listen to Mistress Leslie as my arms & legs become more and more numb and so relaxed.

    Then just when I think I am totally relaxed and deep for Her, She takes me even deeper, more relaxed and there is no question She controls everything. I think I passed the suggestibility test πŸ™‚ My mind is so blank and empty for this amazing Goddess and then She is placing the thoughts that She wants into my brain and it just feels so good, so right to be Owned by Mistress Leslie.

    I know I will be listening to this file often and I’m sure Mistress Leslie will be conducting further testing on this willing subject soon πŸ˜‰

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