Mind Control Mantras Set

7 different MIND CONTROL mantras for everyday of the week! It takes just mornings & nights to listen to My mantras to find your mind is now under My total control. After a month you will be compelled to worship and serve Me mindlessly, and after just a week you will be feeling the intensity of these magical powerful mind melting mantras.

What is a mantra? and how does it work? Wikipedia says mantra means a sacred utterance, numinous sound, or a syllable, word, phonemes, or group of words believed by some to have psychological and spiritual power.

This series contains 7 different mystical & mind bending mantras, and one bonus special mantra mix. They are all four minutes long, with beautiful light hypnotic music, My voice, and built in delta brain waves to dig inside your head. Yes they are short intentionally so you have time to listen while you drop to your knees mornings and night, a new one each day of the week! It’s NOW time to hand over your brains to Me everyday!

Length: 32 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Music: yes light & delta brain waves added

*Two worship images included!

Price: $29



3 thoughts on “Mind Control Mantras Set

  1. This is a very different file (or rather set of files) from Mistress Leslie. They are all short 4 minutes files and the idea is to listen at least twice a day with a new file each day. Each file has a short phrase – a Mantra – and for me, I soon found I was speaking out loud the mantra along with Mistress Leslie.

    I have found I am easily able to listen 4 times a day – I mean, what really is 4 minutes? – anyone can fit that in it seems to me 🙂 I listen in the morning directly after my shower, during my lunch break (I confess for this one I am not on my knees), when I get home from work and just before getting ready for bed.

    This has become just part of my daily life, a ritual, and I look forward to it….of course I do…I love Mistress Leslie and any chance to listen to Her beautiful voice more often is an opportunity I will always gratefully take 🙂

    It is now 8 days since I started, and I have now listened to each file for a day and I love them because it is making me even more mindful of my Goddess every day. They make me feel more submissive to Her and make me want to be even more devoted to Her. I feel a deepening of my desire to please Her and to make Her happy every single day.

    The mantras play in my mind during my day….and not just on the day that I listen to them. This is the effect after only 8 days; I can only imagine the effect after a month (or longer) of listening to these amazing files.

    I love these files…thank You my Goddess Mistress Leslie 🙂

  2. This collection of mantras is definitely not for the casual trance fan. These powerful mantras will cement Goddess Mistress Leslie as the center of your universe. I’m on day two and Goddess is life. She is so powerful and beautiful!

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