Sad Penis – Hypnotic Humiliation & Transformation

Your little useless penis is so sad, that people are laughing at it! It is so small that it wants to crawl up inside itself.

I’m not sure how you live with that pathetic ugly penis… its just awful. You are in luck though today I will program your mind while under one of My deeply hypnotic trances and transform it into a clitoris. No one laughs at pussy, or clits, they like them, and you will too. Whoops did I ruin your orgasm? I think I did but no worries there is plenty of that in the future when you try to use your cock as a cock! lol yes you are fucked now and forever!

During this cruel and demeaning trance session I use classic hypnosis techniques, brainwashing, delta brain wave technology, two tracks of subliminals, a classic countdown, triggers, NLP, and many other tricks to very devasting results, the more you listen the more intense and lasting the effects of this deep trance.

Don’t cry to Me later if this affects you forever! I will just laugh at your pure stupidity and deep desire wanting this transformation.


Length: 28 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes

Music: no, but delta waves added

Overdubbing vocals: yes

Price: $28



One thought on “Sad Penis – Hypnotic Humiliation & Transformation

  1. Very powerful, intense humiliation recording that may ruin your orgasms forever. Magnificent and powerful recording by a supreme, cruel, and perfect Goddess! You will never be the same!

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