Indoctrinate – Intense Brainwashing

This is no ordinary trance file, this isn’t for the weak of heart and mind, the newbie to mind control. It’s time for a mind blowing brainwashing session, that is if you can take it. This is a 33 minute mind blowing, mind altering, mind control/brainwashing session. Nothing is left out in fact if you can get through the full 33 minutes than your brain is going to turn into a complete sponge and soak up everything I pour into it.

This trance session uses hypnotic elements and real mind control techniques. It features but is not limited to the following- NLP, triggers, over dubbing, subliminals, post hypnotic triggers and suggestions, delta brain waves, confusion, JOI, ASMR, repetition, orgasm trigger, and yes so much more.

Beware your mind is about to be blown!

Length: 32 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes, this is a very intense and purposeful mind blowing session

Music: yes, light with very effective delta brain waves added

Overdubbing vocals: yes 3 intense layers of total confusion

Price: $29


2 thoughts on “Indoctrinate – Intense Brainwashing

    1. we all like what we like. I have many files with very light over dubbing or none at all and in both cases its not incoherent or jumbled. Check that out, that is the majority of My files.

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